5 Reasons to Meet Regularly With Your CPA

Dental CPA in San Diego, CA

Many small business owners understand the value of employing a CPA to handle their tax returns. Tax law is complicated, confusing, and always changing. But is it really that important to meet with your CPA on a quarterly basis? Here are some advantages to quarterly meetings you should consider:

  1. Your Dental CPA will be able to confirm that your records and documentations remain accurate and up to date. This can save a great deal of time and stress when year-end tax time approaches.
  2. Your Dental CPA can keep you up to date on any changes to tax law that may impact your business. This can protect you from missed deadlines, underestimating taxes owed, or overpaying taxes.
  3. Your Dental CPA can review any changes to tax law or to your business that might affect your taxes owed. This way, you can be sure you avoid any unexpected fees or overpayments.
  4. Your Dental CPA can advise you on major purchases, what qualifies for deduction, and what documentation is required. This way, you won’t miss out on a helpful deduction due to lost documentation.
  5. Your Dental CPA can provide you with advance insight and advice on tax implications of internal dental business changes. Hiring new employees, changing insurance coverage, moving your practice, and internally restructuring can all affect your tax payments and dates. By meeting with your Dental CPA before changes are made, you can be sure to implement the changes when it will be most beneficial to you.

Of course, every practice is different, so each has different needs. However, many dental professionals have found it helpful to have regular meetings with their Dental CPA to ensure their business stays on track throughout the year. For more information or to schedule a meeting, contact our team. We’re here for you.