Corporate America in Dentistry

By Ken Rubin, CPA, PFS

We all know that dentists don’t learn much about how to operate a business in dental school (with rare exception). As a result, dentists realize this means they will probably be making some business mistakes and will not be operating their businesses as “profitably” as possible. What most traditional family-owned dental practice owners don’t realize is a very severe long-term resulting consequence presently taking place in the dental profession. Traditionally dentists have enjoyed being self-employed without having any real business training. In the future, more and more dentists will be relegated to using their technical dental skills as “technicians” working as employees in someone else’s business. The vast majority of dentists are completely unaware of the magnitude of this issue on the profession. There are three main factors, which will make it become more and more difficult to successfully compete as a self-employed dentist in the future.

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