Testimonials – From Clients

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“We are in Vermont and have now been using Ken Rubin as our CPA for a little over a year. Even though he is located 3,000 miles away he has made an absolutely dramatic positive difference for us.

We have been in practice for ourselves as a husband and wife dental team for almost 5 years. We already had a healthy practice and our profit during the past 12 months of working with Ken is up over 50%! Our ROI was approximately 15 to 1.

Our profit increased 15 times more than our investment in Ken’s services. He has wonderful insights, valuable advice and he proactively shares his ideas for significant improvement. We had no idea a CPA could make such an incredible difference!”

– Drs. Matt & Kadam Giulianelli

“I started my practice from scratch in 2013 and Ken started consulting with me even before I opened my doors. After the first year, I had already achieved a level of success that most dentists never achieve during their entire career. I could not have achieved this without Ken’s help!”

– Dr. Marjan Rashedi

“My practice is in Fresno, California, 350 miles away from Ken Rubin’s office. I am a long time tax and accounting client, and at the beginning of 2014, I upgraded to Ken’s proactive all-inclusive monthly flat fee program. With Ken’s suggestions by the end of 2014, my practice had grown to be one the biggest dental offices in town. My return on investment for the additional services is at least 10 to 1, and I am one very happy camper!”

– Dr. Robert Claypool

“I was in a never ending stressed out state of financial struggle. Out of desperation I took a leap of faith in the guy that had been preparing my taxes nearly 20 years, and hired him for consulting services. It was the best money I ever spent. I call him “The Mastermind.” He added over $100,000 to my bottom line in 2015, and 2016 should even be much better. My life has changed and I am now planning to retire in just 6 years!”

– Dr. Clay Nichols